Up against the wall at arteBA 2010

I’ll have a longer post up tomorrow probably and a lot more photos but I wanted to get this one up before I sleep the sleep of the drunk-on-free Chandon.

[That’s Juancito, by the way, up against the wall.]

We were at the “private” opening of artBA tonight and there must have been thousands of bottles of sparkling champagne served to the teeming, posing masses. My date drank 8 glasses in less than an hour.

But, hey, who can blame him: FREE CHAMPAGNE!

We also didn’t contemplate much art, either: There were just too many people. I will say that if you missed the fun at Appetite’s big ol’ booth last night… well then, you missed the fun.

G-Strings, man-size birdcages and pregnant ladies gyrating. That’s all I’m saying.

We’ll be reporting from arteBA all week and giving away t-shirts like the one you see in the photo.

Follow us on twitter [ @Juanele_AR ] for more.

Remember, there are always more photos in our flickr account.

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