Launch Party Teaser

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Rather than give away too much I’m posting a few photos that tease rather than give it all away. You’ll have to come to the party to see the full monty.

Three more artists started painting today while the ones who’d been working hard for the last two finished up. Everyone walked away happy, I think, with a liter or two of Quilmes beer in their tummies and a crateful of extra aerosol paint under their arms. I continued to be impressed by the craft, dedication, and the sense of collaboration and fun.

I spent half the day shopping for the party and another quarter cooking. I spent the rest of the time chatting up the artists.

Of the conversations I had, Malatesta struck me as the most intense and restless of anyone who painted this week. He never seem satisfied. Just when I thought I knew which direction he was headed, he tried something new. After he quit for the night yesterday, I was worried about some choices he’d made.

So had he been.

Today I caught him looking at his work from another room, squinting his eyes upward and shaking his head slightly.

“Still not satisfied?” I asked him. I thought he’d patched up wonderfully the ways in which he’d miscalculated the day before; but I wanted to know what he thought.

Glancing my way for only a second, he answered: “I’m learning from my mistakes.”

Then he turned to me and smiled.

“I wish I had 15 more days to make it better,” he concluded.

But I don’t think 15 days would have made a difference. Graffiti is always full of cracks and gaps. It always passes away with some aspect or intent unfulfilled. That’s what gives the time it lasts urgency and excitement and the belief that there will always be more work.

I hope everyone who wants to will get a chance to see the work these folks have created.

Click the thumbs.

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