Flirting and Dancing in Juanele’s Hallucinogenic HQ

Juanele officially opened his eyes, welcoming a huge crowd of party goers and arty fans to his headquarters at Montevideo Street in Recoleta last Thursday. For the celebration, ten artists renewed and invigorated the drab walls with graffiti and mural paintings which begin at floor level and reach the ceiling.  From one wall, a giant cat head salutes from the middle of a blue landscape, opposite a strange gender-indeterminate character wearing a corset and looking through a monocular, perhaps into a science fiction universe. Aduki’s geometric patterns give a rest to the eyes planted as they are on a stark white background, but they refuse to settle that question. Opposite them, a giant hand grabs a snake surrounded by opaque symbols and Gumy passes out graphic WSDM.

In this hallucinogenic atmosphere, we enjoyed music, drinks and finger-foods.. The sweet lovers among us had the chance to try Cristine’s magic cup cakes: This lady walked about the room with a little basket in her hand that could have belonged to Little Red Riding Hood. Then in a fast and discrete maneuver, she would take the brownest brownie and offer it to the luckiest guests. My bite tasted even sweeter when I shared it with the eager mouths of my neighbors!

Early comers could chat and discuss in a friendly and interesting environment, while others took pictures and filmed all night. The queue for the restrooms provided an inevitable opportunity for chance encounters and some obvious connections were made. But Juanele’s not telling. But most guests just sang and danced with Cinthia and Lola her poodle, endlessly flirting, laughing and joking.

If you weren’t there… Juanele feels for you.

Photos by Gabriela Schevach

More photos & videos to come.

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