Taking It To the Streets at Gachi Prieto

[box type="info"]Photographs by Andy Donohoe[/box]

The scene at Gachi Prieto last night wasn’t your typical commercial gallery art opening. But then again, Gachi Prieto doesn’t seem like your typical gallerist. What seemed like hundreds of hot and sweaty gallery goers tried to pack into the small space, trying to get a look at Década Salvaje/Street Art Revisited, a show featuring works by five different Argentine street artists including Chu, Defi, Nasa, Pmp, and Tec.

Sipping on icy cans of Isenbeck beer, most viewers circulated from the inside of the gallery out onto the sidewalk, where street artists sat on the window ledge and a large crowd gathered around a graffiti-painted Citroen parked right outside the gallery. I bumped into Graffitimundo‘s Marina Charles before chatting with Prieto, whose bubbly personality managed to power through the heat inside the space.

Street Art Revisted at Gachi Prieto

When I asked Prieto about her interest in street art, having held an additional graffiti exhibition at the gallery in 2009, she told me that since 2001, street art has become a form of art that cannot be ignored in Buenos Aires. Since the economic crisis that began in 1999, street art is more prevalent than ever, with murals and paintings telling the history of Buenos Aires through a colorful medium that has captivated inhabitants and visitors. Bringing some of the works from the street into the gallery space serves as a way to present these artists’ talent and skill.

Inside the gallery, a large mural painted on pieces of plywood occupied one of the three walls, while another wall featured various closed boxes that combined miniature figurines with painted pieces. Figurine cars crashed into other cars, not unlike a typical traffic scene in Buenos Aires. Hung salon-style, the works in the show bring a bit of the flavor of street to the traditional gallery space.

Década Salvaje/Street Art Revisited

Through April 25

Gachi Prieto Gallery

Uriarte 1976, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Tuesday – Friday 1 – 8 PM
Saturday, 12 – 6 PM

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