Weekend Portfolio: Leonardo Cavalcante

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The human being is the only creature capable of producing culture. Its creative abilities enable the construction of a language to communicate experiences, the creation of tools to employ, to generate a material and spiritual corpus, as well as the possibility to predict the consequences of actions. The complex functioning of the psyche comprehends the relation between instinct and reason. The prevailing reflection in the works of Leonardo Cavalcante springs from the dialog and tension of these two forces as a field of endless questions.

In his images, animals seem to have lost their wild quality to adopt a melancholic gesture, apparently confident and in a curious attitude. Human condition, animal instinct and the surrounding objects seem to form the interwoven universe of this exhibition. The forest operates as the shared habitat, where closeness among humans, animals and symbols leads us to think of the existence of a superior thing that threatens both species — a strange premonition.

Leonardo Cavalcante

Through August 20th

Planeta Cúbico
Thames 2145, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Monday – Friday, 12 – 8 PM

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