Weekend Portfolio: Lux Lindner

On the occasion of Lindnerfest — Lux Lindner’s current exhibit with drawings from the last 20 years — Juanele presents a selection of images and a text by the artist. The exhibition-festival, taking place this weekend at Nora Fisch, intends to raise funds for his next movie project, El Apocalipsis del Dr Ramos Mejía (The Apocalypse of Dr Ramos Mejía).


If I weren’t the wimp I am (or if it were easier and cheaper to change prescription glasses) and if anyone would ask: “Sir, are these drawings made on acid free paper?,” I would do what I could to pull two or three teeth out of the author of the question with a good punch. And I could say: What do you want, idiot? Tracy Emin’s panties delivered to your door?

Because the fact that these drawings have survived the last twenty years of all Argentine catastrophes, the shocks at the heart of its broadcaster, besides the private and public storms and the errors of the all-knowing qualifieds.

A mix of good and bad luck (good for us, bad for the idles and liars) threw these papers against the walls of Güemes Street, for disheartened generations that purchase anti-ecological knicknacks by clicking buttons on their ecological monitors, for them to have for three days the glimpse of an-other world, a world of blood beyond their consoles, not necessarily better, not necessarily funnier. But geographically and historically determined.

The world as seen when ones self is in Argentina and there is no other place in the Solar System to hide.

These drawings have been made against everything and everyone, at war against one’s own tribe and the enemies of that tribe. The fact that they’ve been realized on paper and not on a stainless steel sheet or tattooed on the skin of a jailmate is a sympathetic kindness of the Obscure. Thank Him and not Mee, you opaque subordinates!

Those little lines can act as a bar code for a war report; that which the ruling classes, protectors of the psychotic and monetary hoarding maintain against all the rest since the invention of mathematics. The Argentine branch of a Universal soap sloughing its skin off at this stupid moment.

You will say, once sedated; these drawings lose, drip in a familiar way, there are reconizable, though pierce gutters… Where is the virtuous oasis that, better looked at, doesn’t refer to the uncultivated land of clumsiness?

Well, these aren’t the drawings of a knight in his armor. They are the drawings of a mess who couldn’t tie his shoe laces right, but he was right when he spotted his fingers with India ink. And he would rather stop being right at some point.

(Translator’s note: Lindner employs many terms from classic porteño slang, mixing the style of Argentine writers like Roberto Arlt and Osvaldo Lamborghini. It’s not always possible to find an English equivalent. Please look at the original version!)

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Lux Lindner

Nora Fisch Gallery
Güemes 2967 PB, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Through August 13th 

Thursday – Friday, 3 – 8 PM
Saturday, 5 – 9 PM
Saturday, 6.30 PM, reading and movies


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