Neurorama Duty Free Shop is coming soon!

The Neurorama space at JuaneleAR HQ

5, 4, 3, 2.1 lift off.

We are Neurorama ( See us here through the eyes of our hosts at JuaneleAR.)

The post was going to be a long one about what we’ve done so far (Neurorama has been with Juanele for more than a month now), but it’s best to recap just a few moments and thoughts:

* We did an installation representing JuaneleAR at COME.

We had very little time and it was chaotic. Personally I find it difficult to work under pressure.
Axtor said about that little adventure, “I like working under stress…It’s like having your whole house completely disorganized when a girl calls you and you make everything perfect and flawless in two hours.”

As Neurorama it’s good for us — we work better with spontaneity. I think the fact that we’re compatible opposites, trying to think and create something in record time gives us our power, or we’d have killed each other after five months.

The door to the Neurorama studio

* After the installation we became JuaneleAR’s resident artists. For this, we developed some fun, new ideas we presented our first meeting. Now we’re preparing a flying kick to the chest and its execution is what we’ll be talking about here.

We’re working on something that excites us, but also fits the way we see JuaneleAR.
Little by little we’re going to reveal details of both the ideas and processes.

* The work we’re carrying out at JuaneleAR HQ is complicated for us, we have other things going on and time is increasingly scarce.

Once when we decided to go in and work, we forgot the keys and ended up working at a McDonald’s. Maybe this was a message to us from ourselves and the universe that we need to take this situation more seriously.

* So now we’re at “Ground Zero”, working and juggling time.

This is where the magic happens.

* A few weeks into project we learned that Rick, JuaneleAR’s editor (and the first person who we had contact for this project) has cancer, so we changed all our plans. Priorities are priorities.

Today we’re putting all our other projects on hold as we start to paint hundreds, thousands or maybe even a million pieces of art to fill a whole room (ceiling included): Neurorama Duty Free Shop and Freak Art Show a la Ripley’s.

We’re doing this raise money for Rick. I won’t explain any more as the story can be read at 

When we have more news, we’ll let you know.

Axtor is taking pictures of everything that happens. Check them out.

The next post will be better, I promise. I’m funny, but right now I have to go to JuaneleAR and work.

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