Weekend Portfolio: Andrés Pasinovich

Revolution from magic

La ricchezza la facciamo noi

Who does wealth?
Who appropriates wealth?
I’m going to employ all my resources.
A giant fruit. Popular luxury
Minimum distance between magic and representation.

The action of painting through paper.
Appearing on the other side.
Transparent medium.
Oracle-food, transformation-food, salary-
Food, desire-plenty-transformation-

Concentrating the energy in a minimal, circular act,
Repetitive, infinite
Making ceramics rice, grain by grain, a manual mantra.
Representation as a magic mechanism to reach the
Represented: death to hunger. Creating food for
Spiritual and political emancipation.

The star was at Duchamp’s scalp.
And I was convinced that it was the scalped head of
Rodchenko, but no…
Brilliant cornucopia.
Erasing a drawing.
The most precise action of the world.

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Andrés Pasionovich
La Revolución desde la magia

Through October 29th

Humberto Primo between Bolívar and Perú

Wednesday – Saturday, 7 – 11 PM


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