Weekend Portfolio: Lorena Marchetti

Lorena Marchetti is a graphic designer and photographer. She studied design at the University of Buenos Aires and photography with Gabriel Valansi and Guillermo Ueno. She also attended the painting workshops of Diana Aisenberg. From 2002 to 2009 she contributed to the work that Fundación ph 15 was doing at Ciudad Oculta. Since 2003, she has exhibited her work in several group and single shows at galleries, fairs and cultural centers in Argentina, London, Brazil and Chile.

Walking, wandering, moving forward and stopping to observe, look, think, speculate, be, exist, live… Long urban strolls enable the appropriation of spaces, aromas, rhythms, colors, objects, streets and corners, all recurring constantly in my visual work. I think of cities to make them visible. They are all transitory places.

Curator Elizabeth Torres remarks that a habit is a special way of functioning acquired by repetition of identical or similar acts. It can also emerge from instinctive tendencies. In that sense, the habit has a ritualistic aspect and finds its basis in the frequency, as when things happen by accident or coincidence. It’s precisely there, in the ritual spaces of daily life where my body of work gets constructed, with the simplicity of the intimate acts, stripped of any shrillness.

A permanent recording of daily life, which I conceive as a great collage of experience and information circulating in all kinds of commonplaces, domestic and transitory spaces. Images create identity. Photographic compositions are simple; daylight appears as the result of quietness; calm and pause at the end of exhausting urban trips. They become the shelter of the look — where it vibrates and lives. My images question our own times, our robotic, alienated and senseless acts. They point out what we barely perceive, observe or detect. They dwell on the great and constant transforming capacity of the environment.

The chromatic palette plays a fundamental role in the construction of this record. It stresses a cultural and social identity. Big cities reveal minimal human acts of the contemporary space and time that we inhabit. My personal cartography wants to transgress the limits of the visual arts to bring new cultural content.

In the construction of my work, I want to become a bearer of culture and not just a player. Man in temporal and spatial transit. Photographic register of societies. Sketches, essays of this world. Wall or party wall?

Text by the artist.

Lorena Marchetti
El sueño visual de la cosa misma, in collaboration with Lena Szankay, Luciana Massarino, Ariel Authier and Gabriela Schevach

Opening: November 12th, 7 PM

Studio 488
Santa Fe 2729, Buenos Aires, Argentina


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