Weekend Portfolio: Cecilia Lutufyan

A Nature

I must first speak of the horses, white and immaculate.
The first image I saw was that of a foal, with a coat
of musty chalk, nestling in the dark grass. The humble
spirituality emanating from the foal, bathed in exquisite
light recalls the cinematography of Robert Bresson,
specifically in Au Hazard Balthazar.

The handful of images I have seen all possess the
same quality — with a comprehension of the duality
of the natural world, with its seamless blend of
innocence and cruelty.

For me these beautiful photographs suggest
the miracle of birth, the mystery of death
and the savagery of nature.

Patti Smith

About Creatures

First came the mistake. Double impact of light. From then on the tree was both tree and woman. Woman with tree-arms and tree with woman-bones.

Can something be feasible and impossible at the same time? Pictures perhaps speak of the secrets of things.

In our dreams, we can walk on walls or through them. A dog can have a body made of branches; a cat can converse with a capybara and sheep can pass through a tinsel fence.

When an animal looks into your eyes, it asks, it does not answer. Sometimes it watches as if it knew something unknown to us. Other times it flees because it knows something is about to happen.

Is it possible to be in two places at the same time? Pictures may grant us the wish to experiment with the imaginary.

Cecilia Lutufyan

Through December 11th

Fotogalería del Teatro San Martín, 1st floor hall
Corrientes 1530, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Monday – Friday, 12 – 10 PM
Weekends, 2 – 10 PM

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