Weekend Portfolio: Teko van Kuyk

Bio from the artist

I’m Teko van Kuyk, 23-years old, and I’m a visual artist. I was born in Switzerland and at age two I moved to New Zealand. When I was 6, I moved to Brazil.

I think I’ve always drawn, actually, I can’t remember a time in my life when I haven’t done it. As a child, I attended painting and drawing workshops. I’ve been living in Buenos Aires for the last five years and since then I have been dedicated to painting.

My production has a sensitive character — based on human qualities and relations in general, but, above all, on love. Behind those characters often sinister and with the look of empty shells (as I call them) you can always notice a charming and calm message. At least that’s what’s happening in the last period of my production.

In this last phase, I’ve been employing recycled materials found as leftovers in flea markets. I’ve recovered them and appropriated them through painting.

My paintings are a reflection of my innocent and harmonic way of interpreting the world. I usually ignore petty things and their conflictive consequences and so, with the same skill, do my characters with their long noses and empty eyes.

Teko van Kuyk

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